• | Just got back from doing the upper and middle Ocoee. My guide grew up in Huntsvegas and went to the same schools as I did. Small world! #
  • | Going through the Godzilla rapid earlier: lost a whole boat, had cuts, scrapes, blood, lost shoes, and fear of death. Great youth trip! #
  • | Trying to leave at 3 to go to ATL to watch fireworks. Pray for us as we travel! #
  • | We are about to leave for ATL! #
  • | We have made it to ATL and Lenox Square Mall. Now we have about three hours before the fireworks.
    http://bit.ly/SjKKq #
  • | Even in the ATL, you can find good taste. #
  • | Even in the ATL, you can find good taste. http://yfrog.com/0mbs5zj #
  • | My kids from Abbeville (pop. 2700) are experiencing culture shock in Lenox Square Mall right now! http://yfrog.com/0rpi7j #
  • | I am having the Thai Chicken Pizza at CPK. Has anyone had it before? http://yfrog.com/087udj #
  • | So, I punked out because I’m tired. We are headed back. Here’s the crowd. http://yfrog.com/0hoqbj #

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