This morning has started off great! Everyone went to sleep last night on time (after a vicious game of Uno) and then everyone was up on time as well, surprisingly. However, I will say this, whenever students go to bed on time, they tend to wake up in better moods, which makes for a better day. The food was good this morning as well. We had some kind of “nugget” this morning. I thought it was pork, but then someone said it was chicken, so I am confused.

After breakfast (and some ping pong where I broke Tim’s eight game win streak against me), we went to our morning quiet times and then to Morning Celebration. I love the schedule at Student Life camps.

It is really neat to see some of our students who have never been to one of these camps learn how it works. It is such a blessing to see the childlikeness come out.

Also, I have to say that I love my wife. She lead our youth to put like 150 votes in nominating me as Youth Minister of the Day. Wow! It was very humbling. I didn’t win though, so they are going to think of more creative ways to get me up on that stage. They are hoping that the people are going to ask me to do a toe touch in front of the 800-1000 people who are here. That is going to be interesting!

Thank you so much for your prayers while we are here. Please continue to pray for us and I will keep you updated as the day goes on!


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