• In heated uth volleyball tourney
    http://yfrog.com/0x24qj #
  • | Inside playing a wicked game of Canasta before we go tubing. http://yfrog.com/0bkpzwj #
  • | Just got back from tubing. Had a lot of fun, but it got cold towards the end. Surprising given that it is July in TN! #
  • | Just got back from Subway. They handled us very well. http://yfrog.com/batx4j #
  • | Just got back from dinner. About to hear a word from Bro. John Baxley. http://yfrog.com/6w4nyj #
  • | Watching volleyball between some folks. So far, they have loved it! Looking forward to going through the Ocoee tomorrow. #

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