Today Mandy and I found out that the Lord is adding a new baby girl to our family! We are so excited to welcome girl #3 into the Johnson family. God is so good. Everything looked great according to the ultrasound and the due date has moved up a few days to September 21. Additionally, Mandy and I have agreed that we really do like the name “Lily” for a first name. No middle name has been decided however. Here are some pictures from the ultrasound today!

One funny story from our time in the doctor’s office involved Gracie (of course). When she saw the pictures of Lily on the TV screen, she thought Mandy was actually about to have the baby. She went up to Mandy and said, “Mommy, you can do it!” Then she grabbed her hand and said, “I’ll hold your hand. I won’t leave you.” That is one reason I love having girls!


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