On Sunday night, I preached a sermon about God’s purpose for the family and explained the work that God has been doing in me to redefine my calling and refocus me on my purpose in ministry. I am grateful for the influences that He has been exposing me to, so I thought that I would share one of the most significant messages that I have listened to as God has shaped me in this area. It is by a man named Voddie Baucham, a phenomenal preacher and teacher, who has developed a ministry called “Family Driven Faith”. He has a distinct way of communicating truth and is a wonderful man of God, father, and husband.

To go to Voddie’s website and listen or download the message, click here.

mAdditionally, here are a few short videos that Voddie has recorded on YouTube, talking about this redefinition of youth ministry and the blessing and purpose of “Family-Driven Faith”. The following YouTube playlist has nine videos for your enjoyment and understanding of this vision for youth ministry. I highly recommend starting with the video entitled “The Value of the Family.” Stick around and watch all of them. They are each only a minute or two long, so enjoy!


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